"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Sjoa Festival… Could Have Fooled Me!?!

The boys boating without me :-(

After the extreme sports festival in Voss we were amped to get to Sjoa for the Sjoa river festival… well that was a mistake. The east of Norway had received an unusual amount of rain with flooding all over the place. Sjoa didn’t miss out on its share either with all the river levels much higher than normal.


We figured the high river levels would make the action even better… the organisers figured it would be too dangerous and cancelled over half of the festival. About the only thing they didn’t alter was the price for participation… that remained – we didn’t!!

Look they're still doing it

Instead we spent our money on a log cabin and lived in style in spite of the persistent heavy rain. Good call team, which had grown to include Fraenzi as she had injured herself working in Switzerland and for some reason though Norway would be a good place to recover. Could Eden have had anything to do with that Fraenzi?!?

I hope you swim

Again this is about as interesting as this entry gets from my point of view because I was still recovering… but the others went kayaking so you can ask them all about it if you wish.