"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Into the Fields with You

Sunset over Rygg

The cheap immigrant work force was once again put to work by Rolf’s relatives. This time we were toiling in the fields and only allowed to use traditional implements. “What do you mean rake the hay and then collect it with a pitch fork?!?” Anyhow, because they fed and looked after us so well we didn’t mind.
Toiling in the fields

Unfortunately that was about as good as Rygg got for me, within a day of arriving (and after tolling in the fields) I acquired the most bazaar illness I have ever had. It felt like I had a bad cold without a blocked nose or cough and only very slight headache and sore throat. The most interesting thing about it was that I seemed to have no ability to regulate my own body temperature… it ranged between 35 and 38OC but it got as high as 38.4OC and as low as 33.2OC (oh and I didn’t feel cold either)!!! It was quite amusing really, if I eat tea just before going to bed I would heat up and start sweating heaps for half the night then I would start to get cold towards morning. Well it kept me amused as least while Rolf and Eden when kayaking.

Ahh... what a nice group photo

Anyhow Friday night rolled around and the boys decided to sample the night life in Sandane (the nearest town to Rygg). We had seen a lot of pretty girls around but we figured that most of them were either at school or had just left… perfect. In Norway you go to school until 19 so that last sentence is not quite as bat as it sounds but Rolf summed up how pointless the night out was going to be even better when telling Eden to shave his moustache off because “you don’t want to look like a dirty old man when your chasing 16 year olds!” Now that’s an oxymoron if ever I’ve heard one. Yes and as you guessed already town was a big disappointment. I dropped the boys off and hung out for about an hour (which was when they were ready to come home too). Hot tip everybody - if your in Norway don’t include Sandane in your list of must hit party spots.

Margret and Kristoffer Arnestad who own the collection of Old Norwegian relics

Rygg was not without an interesting side though. One cool thing we did was to have a look around the house of an older couple we met through Rolfs relatives. They had turned the place into a museum or sorts with a massive collection of Old Norwegian relics. The collection included a 4000 year old stone axe and some 1200 year old letters written on dear skin.

Kristoffer giving a history lesson. He didn't speak any English so I'm not sure how much we actually learnt

Rolf holding a 1200 year old letter

Their back yard was also the site of an ancient Indian burial ground… no wait I’m in Norway… Viking burial ground (which I think is even cooler anyway). The Vikings buried their leaders in an upturned ship with all the servants so they had them for assistance in the afterlife (seems like some good motivation to keep you master alive). “So how did they get the ship up here” was our first question as the fjord was about 50 meters below the house. “They didn’t” was the reply… “the sea level was higher back then”

Spot the Geologist... hundreds of things to look at and Eden picks up the one rock in the room

Rolf was well entertained though

I don't think this guy was so happy to be an exhibit however

Kristoffer is also a keen artist and was happy to show us his collection of paintings