"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Ok So We Are Still Tourist

Here is a collection of dreaded ‘tourist’ photos for you all to enjoy. The captions give the places (for the ones I can remember) and the pictures say the rest.

A dead tree I came across while walking up the Tora River. Not really anything special but an interesting photo never the less - hey these are 'tourist' photos you are looking at, you can't expect too much now can you!

This has a cool name but I forget what it is... but who needs to know the name when you can simply look at photo

Trees that look like trolls

First class lunch on one of the many ferry's in Norway

Playing cards while the pot of tea boils (Clare and me won if you are wondering)

Yet another fjord!! Scenes like this are all over Norway

Looking down into a valley from the road many hundreds of metres above

The road down Trollstigen. The wall opposite is vertical the side we are on is not that far from vertical either. The old pack horse trail still remains and is incredibly steep.

Clare being a rock-star

A partially frozen tarn on the walk up to Trollveggen, a 1500 metre vertical wall popular with base jumpers

Hanging out with some base jumpers we meet on the walk up to Trollstigen. It is illegal to jump off the wall so they normally do it at night!! However the weather had been a little average and they decided to take their chance while they could.

A base jumper with a wing-suite taking off from Trollstigen. He flew right next to the cliff until we couldn't see him any more... I guess he was ok?!?

Cooking tea in the golden evening light. This is definitely my favourite light for taking pictures in... you can see how everything seems to glow.