"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Causing Trouble Kiwi Style…

I can see your up to no good sunny!!

Well the time had come to test out what the Norwegian sense of humour is like and what better way to find out than to draw kiwis on there stuff!! Plus we can make ourselves feel more at home in the process.

Kiwi's on the prowl

When we bought our car in Switzerland one of the first ideas we had was to paint a silver fern on it and so we acquired a can of silver spray paint. The car still doesn’t’ have a silver fern on it but silver seemed like the perfect colour to paint our kiwis with.

These foolish people left their boats on the ground... how silly of them

All we need now is a kiwi design and a stencil. We found some cardboard and after five minutes looking on the interweb had a sweet as kiwi design and stencil. Booyah

Kiwis can't fly but with some help they can climb!!

Deciding not to do any actual damage to people’s property we limited our tagging to kayaks only and although there were heaps of kayaks where we were staying there was one major floor in our plan… cover of darkness. It doesn’t get dark in Norway in the summertime!! Oh well I guess we will have to just be supper cheeky about it and tag peoples kayaks right in front of them. And so that’s what we did! It is amazing what you can get away with when you are blatant about it. My favourite lines included “its water based spray paint it will wash straight off in the river” and “don’t worry it will look good, here I’ll show you”. If you can imagine us explaining to people (who don’t want a kiwi on their boat) that it is a good idea while then drawing a kiwi on in the process you should be in hysterics because we were.

Don't worry you get one too.

On the whole it went down really well. People were ever getting us to put kiwis on other stuff like there cars and skis and paddles motor bikes but not everyone saw the funny side of it. One group of Norwegians took exception and got fired up which we found rather amusing. Who would have though that people would get upset when you spray paint there stuff?!? The more upset they got the more classic our responses become. Such as: (Angry Norwegian) “This boat is for sale, I have to sell this” (Eden) “Ahh well you’ll be able to get more for it now”.

A sponsored kayakers boat... you little beauty

Anyhow because they were going to call their mummies or the cops or something we cleaned off the kiwis form their boats (which took about five seconds each one) and we continued on our merry way to find more victims including thee Steve Fisher (he got a few more than the most because he’s so extreme).

Excellent… another job well done. Now how do I get this silver paint off my hand? It wasn’t me honest!

A job well done!!