"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Ah the Serenity…

So I have been hanging out in a small place called Vassended in Jølster and enjoying the last of the Norwegian summer which has two weather states and one temperature. The states of weather are ‘raining’ and ‘about to rain’ and as you have probably already guessed the only temperature that the weather comes in is ‘cold’. For example yesterday I went boating and we put on the river in sun shine… ‘cold’ sun shine but sunshine none the less and then twenty minutes latter is was hailing… ah and yes that was the ‘cold’ verity of hail too.

The weather is not without its charms though and it certainly does make for some wonderful scenery. These are some photos I shot today on my drive back to Oslo. They are taken looking down Fjærlandfjorden which is part of Norway’s biggest fjord, Sognefjorden.

When I came out of the tunnel (which was a mere 4 km) and got my first look down the fjord I couldn’t stop the car fast enough because while the photos are really cool, the real thing was far better. Anyhow to rap things up, I think black and white real suits these shots on account of the amazing contrast between the mountains, sky and water. Enjoy

Sunday, 9 September 2007

There’s Always Time to Stop and Pick the Blueberries

(Photo Mefford Williams)
Norway is a wonderful country for so many reasons and not the least of which is the wild berries that grow everywhere. Although there are all different kinds of berries growing on the mountains and in the woods, one of the most common is blueberries (at least in the places we have been kayaking). In case you have never came across wild blueberries they grow in small bushes that cover the forest floor and at the right time of year are covered in delicious little berries. I tell you that there is nothing better than being half way down a river, feeling a little weary, a little hungry, a little nervous because of the big horizon line you have just come to, and then while scouting the rapid you get to snack on blueberries till your hearts content… wonderful country!!

At the put in to the Hornidal (Photo Mefford Williams)

Eden showing us how it's done (Photo Mefford Williams)

(Photo Mefford Williams)

Yours truly letting the river do the work (Photo Mefford Williams)

I can fly!! Or is that fall?? Amos either doing one or the other (Photo Mefford Williams)

And he's pretty happy about it ladies and gentlemen (Photo Mefford Williams)

Here's that scary horizon line I was talking about... just round the corner (Photo Mefford Williams)

Must be time for some blueberries (Photo Mefford Williams)

Time to get on with it. Eden back on the water after a healthy feed of blueberries (Photo Mefford Williams)

Monday, 3 September 2007

Checkout Where We Have Turned Up

After a fun trip down the lower Myrkdalselvi we called into the Voss Rafting Centre to catchup with some buddies and orginise the afternoons kayaking… yes that’s right Rolf, we have been paddling more than one river in a single day… crazy I know but true. Just after arriving I heard someone exclaim “hey I know those guys… they’re in a magazine”… or “you boys are famous” or something, I forget but there point was simple – our picture was in a Norwegian extreme sports magazine!!!
There we are... and for those wondering 'BRATTVANN' means 'Steep Water'

They showed us the offending photo which was taken on the Home Run section of the Mår in Telemark. Pacman had sold the photo to the good people at FRI FLYT and they chose to use it on there contents page. Apparently we are 'worth' something after all... who'd thought. Now if I could just learn to speak Norwegian I might know what they are saying about us!!