"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Monday, 3 September 2007

Checkout Where We Have Turned Up

After a fun trip down the lower Myrkdalselvi we called into the Voss Rafting Centre to catchup with some buddies and orginise the afternoons kayaking… yes that’s right Rolf, we have been paddling more than one river in a single day… crazy I know but true. Just after arriving I heard someone exclaim “hey I know those guys… they’re in a magazine”… or “you boys are famous” or something, I forget but there point was simple – our picture was in a Norwegian extreme sports magazine!!!
There we are... and for those wondering 'BRATTVANN' means 'Steep Water'

They showed us the offending photo which was taken on the Home Run section of the Mår in Telemark. Pacman had sold the photo to the good people at FRI FLYT and they chose to use it on there contents page. Apparently we are 'worth' something after all... who'd thought. Now if I could just learn to speak Norwegian I might know what they are saying about us!!