"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Craig clearing snow from his car in Glendwood Springs

Well my recent misadventure with missed flights (and what not) had one big upside, I arrived at Denver International Airport a few hours before my friend Helmo got in from Vegas. Thus I negated having to find accommodation in Denver for the night and instead only had to choose which baggage terminal to wait at. More of challenge than you might think when you don’t know the flight number, and as ‘Murphy’ would have it I chose the wrong one. Still it all worked out in the end and once again the two of us were reunited and ready to cause trouble.

I like snow!!

After a few days to sort my life out I was armed with a season pass to Copper Mountain and some new friends to share the adventure with, one of whom I ‘maybe possible could have at some stage possible maybe’ met in New Zealand a few years ago but neither of us are really sure. Only thing left to do is tackle to people slalom on the beginner/intermediate slops while dodging speed patrol. Necessary because early season conditions meant a lot of the mountain is still closed. Although to be fair, what is open would have still made most of the ski fields jealous in New Zealand after last winter. Anyhow I’m getting sidetracked and this story is supposed to be about the snow… and snow there is plenty (now).

I couldn't have said it better myself

For the last three days it has been snowing, day and night. Seeing that we are such extreme (ski field) athletes we were not put off and persisted with the perilous conditions. Visibility was down to only ‘hundreds’ of meters with the wind was ‘raging’ at up to 15 knots and the temperature was down to a ‘brutal’ negative five degrees (Celsius not Fahrenheit… silly Americans). Ok so it wasn’t actually that bad but the roads were another story… Helmo had his work cut out for him on Saturday night during the three hour drive home on an icy freeway with close to zero visibility on account of the snow. It was almost more exciting than skiing… but Helmo did well and all were safe and well upon arrival and ready to fix that with alcohol. Good work buddy.

See no shortage of snow here :)

The snow… what can I say, it was epic for such early skiing with heaps of new runs opened. And plenty to be poached if you’re that way inclined, although you might end up packing snow for your troubles… heehee. The beers at night were draining, almost literally and the crew of people were stellar. Craig even perfected his superman while learning to telemark (but I think it will look better when he incorporates it with a jump). All in all a great start to the season… booyah. Only problem is that I have to go back to work shortly. Stink au but I’ll be back and I even have a place to stay close to Copper… nice. Over and out!

Here's a picture just for Ben (and anyone else interested in Caterpillar diggers)