"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Our supposed reason for coming heading to Voss was the great kayaking in the area… the real reason we came to Voss was to Party. Our buddies who live there call it endurance week – endurance week aye… I like the sound of that. And endurance week it is. For those of you who have been to Bullerfest then it is kind of the same only instead of it only being about Kayaking there are over ten different extreme sports people are competing at and instead of being only a weekend the partying last all week (plus the party started before the festival even kicks off). Perfect!!

The weekend before ekstremsportveko started coincided with the longest day which is a big party over in this part of the world. To celebrate the fact that it doesn’t get dark they have big bonfires… work that one out! Still any reason to party is good enough for us and so party we did. Eden and I ended up being the last two standing at seven in the morning… not a bad start to endurance week and we still went kayaking the next day. What commitment!

One of the benefits of being in a foreign country is that you can behave quite outrageously and simply tell people, that is just what kiwis are like… to which they will reply “Kiwis?? Are you talking about the fruit?” Eden and I have got quite good at entertaining ourselves when the party is a little lifeless. On the Tuesday night they showed a crazy extreme video and then had a dance display of what I can only describe as folk meets hip hop (actually really well done). They finished the night with Norwegian Elvis rock!!! I don’t know if there even is such a thing but that’s what it sounded like at least. For some reason everybody was just standing around watching … as Luc would say “no one wanted to go bogie bogie”. Well that will never do, it’s time to show these foreigners how kiwis dance… badly. I’m not sure what everybody else though of us but we sure didn’t care. Luc would be so proud of us.

As the week progressed the night just kept getting better. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes played on Thursday which was non-stop violent mosh-pit action!!! It really was survival of the fittest. I remember quite distinctly watch Eden hit the deck at one stage… luckily there was a chick already lying on the ground to break his fall (although that might not be her take on events). I managed to keep all my stuff on my person despite wearing a hat and jandals but Eden wasn’t as lucky and spent part of the night crawling around underneath the mosh-pit to find his stuff. Another buddy lost a jandal near the end of the show… his solution was to yell at the top of his lungs “whose got my jandal”, you laugh but someone gave it back to him!

Every night after the concert at the festival tent finished there were heaps of other pubs with stuff happening… most of which had to pay extra for but we found one sweet as place that had free entry. That will do just fine and so we bogie bogied until closing. I think the average time we went to bed for the week would be about four in the morning… our American buddy Rolf ‘the teddy bear’ Kelly couldn’t keep up with the kiwi boys. He may run the shit but the kiwis rule the party!

The week seemed to grow in moment as it progressed. We met so many people that by the end it had started to feel like partying with a big group of friends in New Zealand… except that they all had funny accents (except for the kiwis, they could talk properly). The best night was definitely the final Saturday night. We got to the party in high sprits form our tagging fun cut loose. After the festival tent finished we headed for one of the after parties with some friends. You needed a special coloured band to get in and our buddy Russell had worked out that that if you turned the bands we were wearing inside out they became the right colour!! His plan was to distract the bouncer while we walked in like owned the place… worked like a charm. Good on ya Russell.

All in all ekstremsportveko is hands down the best festival I have been to. If you are in Norway kayaking or just hanging out then pencil it in on your calendar, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Checkout www.ekstremsportveko.com for all the details.