"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Show Us Your ‘O’ Face

At the put-in

My mystery illness has finally departed (hopefully never to return) and it’s time to get back on the river… destination the Skjørva. We heard rumours of the run being just like the kayaking in New Zealand – tight, technical boulder garden with slides. Slides?? We don’t have any or those back home but just the mention of New Zealand was enough for us and we were off.

I'm back... time to perfect my own brand of submarine boating

After nearly having a fist fight over where we should start walking down to the river from we followed Rolf and his straight down the mountain side approach… “Wasn’t there meant to be a trail somewhere Rolf?” We’re still alive so I guess it worked ok and we found the correct put in.

More river action action action

The river was an instant favourite and did indeed remind us very much of the Styx back home. The only complaint was that it was a bit short… the three to six hour run took us one hour twenty. Well that’s what you get when you paddle into class five rapids without scouting… aye Rolf. I guess he could ‘feel’ the line.

Onwards kiwi soldiers

In my break form boating I managed one productive thing – to ability to take my camera on the river. Unfortunately the lack of scouting meant no photo opps but at the bridge I got a great ‘O’ face shot of Eden and Rolf (but I think Rolf’s faking it)

Eden's 'O' face

Rolf faking it

Paddling into class five rapids without looking wasn’t Rolf’s only speciality… he had also told our shuttle driver to “take a hike”. So Fraenzi had a nice walk while we waited. Rolf idea to past time – “lets carry on down stream into the Finna”. That’s a great idea Rolf, it’s only flowing at twice the recommended flow and then I’m not sure how that will help us with our missing shuttle driver problem. Back to the drawing board buddy

Waiting at the take-out... for three hours!!