"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Monday, 5 May 2008

Rock is Dead… Long Live Paper and Scissors

Wow... pretty much that's all I can say

With funds for us extreme travellers running dangerous low (not actually but I think it builds a bit of tension so just go with it for now) we embarked on a grand plan to make our millions and rid ourselves of all those pesky pennies we had acquired… the bane of my American existence. Vegas here we come… look out.

All big money making plans require the right code of dress and I think Shaun and Chris really nailed it… party shirts with a twist – ’party glasses’!! So all was set for a million dollar night and because it was such a sure thing we though we might celebrate early with a banquette feast… error!! The over-consumption of food rendered us incapacitated with barely the ability to crawl out the door let along rage a million dollar night in Vegas. The crew put up a valiant effort cruising the strip, stopping at all the big casinos, but in all reality we were doomed from the onset. Oh well better luck next time we all though as we skulked away from Vegas, tails between our legs. At least I achieved my goal of leaving Vegas ‘penniless’.

Yes guys, looking good. Shaun and Chris ready to create a storm (in a tea cup) in Vegas.