"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Monday, 12 May 2008

And Then There Were Three...

Chris G firing of the first waterfall we came to

Having already tasted the delights of the first day of the South Branch of the Middle Feather we though we best see what the second day is like, I mean it would be rude not. Plus doing the two day trip involves camping on ‘The Island’, not quite as interesting as the one on Lost and the only ‘others’ are the masses of ants who were more interested in abducting our food than messing with us but that still didn’t make the prospect of camping on an island any less attractive.

More waterfalls... Chris G still enjoying the action

Yes you guessed it, still more waterfalls... this time Chris K in the action

Yep... more falling water, it just doesn't stop. Chris G attempting take-off

We rallied a big crew of eight keen contenders all set to dominate the abundance of falling water and one large portage at the start of the second day. The reality however was that most were dominated by the river and out of the eight that started all intending to paddle both days, only three actually made it to the water below the portage to start the second days paddle.

Now for the big stuff. The first day we paddled the run there was a bit more water and it was a bit softer at the bottom... Chris G was over heard saying "maybe I should have just got someone to punch me in the head and walked around it"

Chris K bracing for impact... or maybe just getting all the sponsors clearly in the shot?!?

The first casualty was Chris G who was in doubt from the onset. He fell victim to Riot Kayaks who didn’t send him his new boat when they were meant to and after hearing there was some ‘mank’ on the second day he was out. Then to push things beyond all doubt he shoved stick an inch into his foot while collecting firewood… ouch!! He at least managed to camp for the night.

Take that falling water... Chris K stomping his authority on yet another unsuspecting waterfall

Beware Chris the water remembers... and it's about to exact revenge

Darrin took and hit to the chin with his paddle on the fifty footer (and last drop of the day) which required some patching and Matt decided to join him although I’m not sure why?? Garrett took a hit on the fifty footer as well but mainly to his pocket when he broke his paddle. That also become the reason he walked out in the morning after having nightmares about having to paddle big rapids with a break-down.

Our campsite on 'The Island'

And perfect place for some boat repairs

Ryan only survived about forty feet of the two hour portage. The next foot send him downhill about ten feet hurting his shoulder in the process… ‘dropping like flies’ Chris K, Devin and I thought as we soldiered on.

Chris K and Devon inspecting the three two-hundred foot water falls we portaged around

Don't want to go off there aye Chris?!?

The second day was pretty sweet although not quite as brilient as the first days action but worth it if for no other reason than you get to camp on ‘The Island

Day two action. Chris K styling the line all the way into the hole!!

Dev using his kayaking like a glider

See anything good in there? Chris inspecting the inside of the curtain.