"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hanging with the Rednecks

Our new friends Jeff, Paul, and Mike

One of the best parts of any kayaking trip to a different country is that you get to meet the locals and enjoy their culture… in this case the locals were a group of beer drinking rednecks and there culture, well… that’s drinking beer.

Mike had had a few that's for sure

We arrived at the takeout to Ben & Jerry’s section of the West branch of the Feather and while waiting for our buddy Darin we started chatting with some guys sitting round drinking beer… well actual they started chatting with us and we simply failed to resist. They were offering beers thick and fast though so we were more than happy to find out about there world.

Hanging out at Jeff's place for a bbq.

Three or four beers later Darin showed up and we went boating but not before being invited to a barbeque at one of the guys places. It would be rude not to attend I reckon so after paddling we enjoyed the company of our new friends while having one of the best meals of the trip to date. Bloody good show if I do sat so and in the end a ‘uniquely’ classic night.