"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Where's Rolfy Bear?!?

Rolf 'the bear' Kelly

Just one thing left to do before we could hit up the legendary Norwegian white water that we had heard so much about, find our third man - Rolf ‘the bear’ Kelly. Eden and I met Rolf when he was in New Zealand a few years back and he was pretty unstoppable down-under. As we figured we needed someone to fire up the big shit (so I had cool photos to show everyone) we were only too happy to have him tag along with us. Plus we need someone else to hassle when we got sick of telling each other to piss off and who better than an American (I wonder how long before Rolf gets sick of us taking the piss).

As Rolf had to fly with a kayak we were interested to see what issues the wonderful airlines had presented him with. All that we had to do was find him and we would know… Ah yes find him. The plan – Rolf catches a train to Oslo Centre Station and we meat him there. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

With my co-pilot armed with a ‘not so great’ map of the inner city and me still trying to come to terms with the give way rules in this country (seriously though they make no sense) we headed for the Oslo Centre Station. Well our success at finding our way around on the first day was not repeated… our first wrong turn cost us about 20mins driving in circles, on roads that weren’t on the map none the less and from there things got confusing… don’t you just love big cities! It wasn’t too bad I suppose, after we found where we were on the map my co-pilot kicked into top gear and we were set.

At the train station at last and the trio is complete… with our powers combined we… no wait we are just going kayaking not saving the world. Rolf’s journey was rather uneventful or as my friend Ben would say “it went better than we had hoped” so nothing interesting to report there.

Now to discover the other great side of hanging out with Rolfy Bear… his generous family. Rolf’s mum is from Norway and so Rolf has plenty of relatives around the place which he assures us would love to have some scumbag kayaker’s come and visit. Brilliant