"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Friday, 22 June 2007

Camping At Its Best

Our very own tepee

A couple of days ago we bumped into a local raft guide who said that we could camp around the back of their base… sweet as. Fire pit with plenty of fire wood, big tepee to sleep in, and even toilets - what a score.

Bought all by ourselves!

Well because we have a fire pit we though we better find a reason to use it and what better use than to cook our tea on... ah but what to have? Time to be adventures we all though… ok so Rolfy Bear wasn’t to keen but we assured him that we were trained professionals (one of the things we have learnt to say in Norwegian).

One thing that is cheap over here is fish and you can buy whole frozen salmon for only under $10 NZD a kilo. So salmon it is then should be good I reckon. A quick trip to the shops saw us acquire the necessary ingredients and so it was time to go boating while our salmon defrosted in the afternoon sun. Many hours of play boating and a flood run creek should be enough time (see the next post for photos of the action)

In the fire with you

Right all set… fire is of suitable ‘man’ size, fish is gutted and scaled (as well as defrosted – quite an important step not to be forgotten), and the tin foil is at the ready. In the fire she goes.

Looks good au... peau peau

And an hour latter we had probably the best feast that we have cooked to date. Sure beats paste and canned tuna… choice.