"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Is That All For Us?!?

Rolf with his Aunty Grette Johanne and Uncle Arne

Rolf had told us that Norwegians were generous with his relatives being no exception and he could not have been more correct. After picking up him up from the train station we headed back to his Aunty Grette Johanne and Uncle Arne’s place just out of Oslo. We were instantly treated like one of the family and looked after better than either Eden or I could have hoped for.

They live in an apartment type building but it is built on a hill so everyone gets a balcony without another place directly above them making the place feel like a house… and besides it is about as big anyway… plenty of room for three scumbag kayakers to make themselves feel at home.

Enjoying a meal of fresh salmon

But it even got better… yes better. The food they gave use was amazing. I remember waking up the other morning to and walking out into the living area to find the dinning table full from one end to the other with everything I could possible think that I might want for breakfast. You name it, it was there!!! And best yet they said we could come back… choice.

A huge thank you to Grette Johanne and Arne for looking after us so well.

Cheers guys.