"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Norway Here We Come

The view from the restaurant - not bad aye

Well the time has come to say farewell to Switzerland, land of cows, swiss army knives and watches (the place we were staying is a tourist town and they push all the swiss stereotypes, you can buy all cow bells at all the shops!! I guess it is kind of like Queenstown and toy sheep). Anyhow because we were off Fraenzi took us out for tea at quite a nice place way up on top of a hill. Very cool and for some reason unbeknown to us she ordered us an entrĂ©e of snails!! What does she think we are ‘French tourists’, apparently they are a traditional dish in Switzerland as well… crazy huh. Turns out that snails are thee shit (not shit but thee shit). Never thought that I would be saying that!!

Snails?!?... But why would you do that Fraenzi

Well with snails dispensed with we headed off for Oslo with only a set of Google Map directions having decided that it would be more entertaining to “see how far we could get before we needed to buy a map”. Turns out that happened to be Norway… hurray, and just a mere two days later.

The first day saw us drive across Germany, place of no speed limits. I have got to hand it to the Germans… limitless highways is the way to go. We were cruising at 140 kph and having people blow by us as if we were standing still!! You have to be really careful pulling out into the fast lane to pass because that car that is 500m behind you now might have caught up to you in the time it takes you to cross lanes. The fastest I got up to was 160 kph but I didn’t want to push it too much with two boats on the roof, we did want to still have kayaks when we arrived.

That night we slept in the car in a pull-off having made it into Denmark. I woke in the morning and asked Eden “what’s the time?” to which he replied “three o’clock in the morning”. So it gets light early here aye, and we where only half way there… what is it going to be like in Norway?!? The other crazy thing is that they don’t check people when you cross borders!! We had stashed a bit of alcohol in or gear so with the hope of sneaking it in to Norway but we though that we might have to at least say we didn’t have anything at the other borders along the way.

One of the many spectacular bridges we crossed

The next day’s travels were about as uneventful as the first. We made it to Norway in good time (with out being checked at the border – we should have had more cheap alcohol with us!). We then set about finding our friends place. After locating an internet cafe we had directions to his house, and due to the good work of my co-pilot we found it with one u‑turn required. Nice work buddy. All that is left now is to pickup our friend Rolf from the airport and then we might even be ready to do some boating!!!!!!!!