"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Monday, 28 May 2007

It's Time to Party

We have both now adjusted to this silly time daylight time shifting thingy they have over here… time zones aye. I reckon they should get rid of them all together but until they do I guess we’ll live with it. Anyhow now that we can stay up past two in the afternoon it is time to unleash ourselves on the general Swiss public. Although this is a tourist town so perhaps we can introduce more of the world to our drunken Kiwi antics, more the merrier.

Step one: Get invited to a party. Check… once again our friendly guide Fraenzi has got our backs. Cheers Fraenzi

Step two: Dress up! Check… this proved a little more difficult than in New Zealand. There are not really any ‘opportunity’ shops here so we had to rely on what we could scrounge. Still I think we did pretty well… and yes it is ‘tight like tiger’

Thee Eden Sinclair

That guy looking classy

Step three: Add alcohol: Check... for $10 (that’s $11 of your New Zealand rupees) you can buy a bottle Red Bull Vodka at 25% alcohol in any shop. And if you feel like going top shelf then a bottle of good whiskey goes for around $30 Swiss Franks. Booyah

Step four: Cause trouble Kiwi styles: Done and done… and I mean done!!

Sweet as everyone… Tschau