"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Friday, 25 May 2007

Bungee Bungee Bungee

Our friendly guide Fraenzi took us for a look at what she does when she is baby sitting tourists (something we have tried very hard to avoid being seen as). The company she works for runs a sweet bungee jump just twenty minutes drive from Interlaken. According to them it is the most beautiful bungee jump in the world, we just called it “sweet as”.

Our new buddy Biff was only to happy to throw us out of the gondola

The view down

Well we were only there for a look but before we knew it we were being weighed, harnessed, and thrown out of a gondola hanging 134 meters above a lake. Oh I didn’t mention before but gondolas are the other thing the Swiss like to build all over the place. A big thanks to the guys at Alpin Raft... "CHEERS FELLAS"

Eden doing his flying squirrel impression

It was my first time bungee jumping and it is hard to imagine a better setting. Now I see why people pay a shit load for a five second thrill. Over and out…