"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Raundalselvi - Lower Canyon

The put in drop... what a way to start a run!

More of the Voss area goods... the Lower Canyon of the Raundalselvi which is probably my favorite run of the area (of those I have paddled so far that is). Then again it is hard a choice because all the runs are such high quality. The wonderful sunny hot day made for good picture taking too, a bonus to any good days boating that should be remembered. And too thoes of you enjoying the winter snow back home... well to be honst I am jelous but only a little bit because of rivers like the Raundalselvi and thirty plus degree days ;-)

Mark enjoying the entrance to a great section

Mickel playing games with holes... luck for him he was on the winning side

Mickel getting his boof on

Hendri same

More sweet drops... on this guy I though I would so a little dance with the left wall, not so graceful though I might add. Here Mickel makes it look far better than I did.

Greg paddled... um a drop while Hendri looks on... come to think of it I don't know the names on any of the rapids on this section. Maybe there aren't any?!?

Mickel, same rapid different line

Hendri looking for the melt down