"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The Lower Myrdalselvi a Little Voss Gem

Greg on the first drop of Karma Cow Falls

Well, I'm back on the water again in Norway in one of my favourite places - Voss. Voss just seems to have it all, great rivers, awesome people to hangout with, and even great weather (well don't count on it but it has been 30+ everyday I've been in town). Essentially no kayaking trip to Norway is complete without a trip to Voss and these pictures should be a good indication why. They are all from the Lower Myrdalselvi at a wonderfully friendly flow where there is enough water that it's not scrappy but everything goes and nothing is too scary. Perfect

Hendri on the second slide of Karma Cow Falls

Greg on the same drop

Hendri hand paddling the falls after the portage... oh yeah there is one portage, a 100 foot waterfall which lands on rock. Apparently the one only gets paddled on Sundays, day of the Gods... or so Greg and Hendri would have me believe.

Hendri sticking witht the hand paddles at the weir drop

The grand finale, a scary looking drop that you 'just float down the middle'

Greg on the same drop