"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Thursday, 5 June 2008

The South Merced

One of the craziest flower I have ever seen... the stamen is over two inches high

Here are some pictures from our two day trip on the South Merced River, one of my favourites in California. Unlike Royal Gorge, the water level was far from low so we enjoyed punching holes instead of hitting rocks. I managed to rein in my under sized, overloaded kayak for all but one off the biggest rapids when she got away on me a wee bit. After (almost) styling the entrance I gracefully stern squirted my way down the middle of the rapid before plugging deep in the guts of a massive hole I had intended to skirt around… no worries for a small boat though with lots of gear in it though – straight underneath. The only down side is that Evan didn’t have his video camera out in time… bugger. Anyhow, before this becomes a story, I’ll leave it at that and show you all dem pritty pictures yo’ll love so much. Story to follow… maybe.

Weeeeee... Lizzy showing the guys how it's done

Chris G on the same slide

Chris G probing to see if the hole is as sticky as it looks

Where's Chris K... see if you can find him, he's up there somewhere and he says portage Once In A Life Time on the right!!

Evan hanging out with his new buddy

Before running the shit. His new buddy wasn't so keen though so the two of them parted ways

Chris K finding the tongue after surfing the wave above. Nice work buddy

Chris G styles this drop and so though he'd have a go at wave wheeling the next (see below)

Sure it looks good in the photo but not so in real life... ask Chris.

More big slides... Evan leading the way

Lizzy showing the guys how it's done... again

Food!!! Chris K and Chris G fighting over the peanut butter at the take out

Mean while Evan had his own 'little' big gun show

Lizzy wasn't so impressed though...