"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Gdansk - Poland

So now I'm back at work which means no kayaking photos until I make my way to scando land to terrorize more Norwegians and do battle with their rivers. In the mean time I'll be making the best of what Poland has to offer and so far that has been a lot. Seeing as I'm living in a hotel with other guys from work we eat out most nights (at works expense of course) and that often escalates to a night out drinking but hey I'm not complaining. Not all has been remembered but I'm sure all was enjoyed!! Well before this turns into more drinking stories here is a quick summary of Poland so far... The food good and cheap plus there are places to eat out everywhere, beer is cheep and there are plenty of paces to sit outside in the sun and enjoy the fact that there are more beautiful girls in Poland than any other country I have been in to date, they are everywhere.... EVERYWHERE. The western bulge hasn't hit Poland yet that's for sure. The place has a very relaxed feel to it with many parks spread throughout the city and trees everywhere, more so even than Christchurch back home which is really saying something. Gdansk has a rather active night life in which day of the week doesn't seem to matter and all the best places to go are in a part of the city call 'Old Town' which looks like it was built hundreds of years ago, although I have no idea how many. This certainly adds to the atmosphere though. For the time being I don't have to work Sundays so I got a chance to get out and explore the city (and snap away happily even if I did look like a tourist). Right I best be back to work so I'll leave my brief description where it stands except to add that at face value Poland is a sweet place, much more so than I expected (and I was expecting good things). If you ever get the chance to visit then definitely take it... and make sure you include Gdansk in your exploring, especially Old Town. Enjoy the photos... the second half are of some graffiti that I found close to the center of the city and was also some of the best I have seen.