"Poorly Planned... Badly Executed"

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Soooo It Has Been A While

Kia ora, kei te pehea koutou good people of interweb land... I guess you have all but given up on ever seeing an future updates of what is going on in MassiveCock land. Well there has been plenty and not so much at the same time. I have spent more time taking photos and chilling out on goon train than going on missions. Well not kayaking missions anyway and those are the ones that really get me motivated to share the adventure. At present I'm back in Aotearoa (New Zealand for those not in the know) and loving life. There are plenty of stories to share... but I'm not going to. Instead here is a photo I took of me the other day while on an... umm, entertaining road trip with a good friend Crusty (The first rule of 'roadtrip' is we do not talk about 'roadtrip'). Hopefully more to come in the near future. Ka keti akuanei